Local pride is evident at the Fernandina Beach Marketplace, located in the middle of historic Fernandina Beach. The block of Seventh Street North is cut off from traffic while the market is set up from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. every Saturday.

Local farmers, restaurants and food vendors line the road while people buy their fresh groceries for the week. Vendors say that their fresh produce will last longer and taste better than the grocery store, and that sentiment is made evident by the amount of people that peruse from vendor to vendor, even on this chilly morning.

Everything from fresh bread to local honey, lettuce to pickled okra is sold by local vendors. Even locally roasted coffee is freshly brewed for visitors.

Lawrence and Judie Mackie started this market wanting to provide local businesses and farmers the opportunity to reach out to a different crowd. They like the group of vendors that they have now and they are accepting applications for a variety of businesses for future market days.

Lawrence says that the lettuce you get here stays good for two to three weeks, way longer and way better than any grocery store can offer.