#1 Go Outside and Play

Hit the Beach and Bring Your Ride

The weather is going to be perfection for the beach this weekend. Some beaches in our region are car friendly, which can be wonderful if you have a physical disability are schlepping a bunch of kid stuff with you. Check out this article on which beaches you can bring you ride!

#2 Catch a Show

Amelia Island Chamber Music Festival

Love classical music and want a chance to experience it up close and personal? The Christiania Trio is playing this Sunday at the Prince of Peace Lutheran Church in Fernandina, Beach. Grab a bite to eat on the island and make a night of it!

#3 Good Sports

Daily’s Fit 4 Life Kids Duathlon

What’s a duathlon? The Daily’s Fit 4 Life Kids Dualthlon is a run, bike, run event for kids through the beautiful historic Riverside neighborhood. This Saturday, enjoy a family festival at Riverside Presbyterian Day School and get some exercise too!

#4 Grab a Bite

Check out Hob Nob!

Hob Nob is the latest restaurant to open in Unity Plaza, which by the looks of it may become a thriving dining destination in our urban core. Check it out this weekend … the menu looks great! The kaffir mocha crusted sea bass is a must try.

#5 Weekend Warrior

Basket Weaving, Anyone?

Want to make a set of ceramic mugs for your home? Or practice the ancient craft of basket weaving to create a way to store magazines in the living room? Check out the Jacksonville Center for the Arts. They have a variety of regular workshops and classes where you can build a variety of DIY skills!