Main Street Park, across from the Jacksonville Main Library, features ten large sculptures. There have already been several existing areas in Jacksonville where you can find sculpture’s on display but there could never be too many sculptures.


Susanne Roewer,Turn-Gulliver


Jason Lake, Microscope 

The Jacksonville Sculpture Walk has been on display since September 2014. Local Sculpture Professor, Jenny Hager created this community movement to get local artists involved with displaying their work where the public can view it.


Jenny K. Hager, Dance of the Jellyfish


Jenny K. Hager, Mariposa (park bench)


Melissa Russell, Giraffe

Placing art around the city can make our home more noticeable to tourists and shows that we have unique culture with the visual arts.


Durant Thompson, Mjolnir

Other artists include. D. Lance Vickery, Brett Waller, Aisling Millar, David Main, Hanna Jubran, Sherry JHill, and Robert Coon. You can view these sculptures throughout the year up till September 2015

For specific locations you can visit the following link