Holly, in connection with Amelia Dream Cars, allowed us to use her 1954 MG TF for our February Paint By Neighborhood photo shoot at Fort Clinch in Fernandina Beach. She has owned this 1954 MG TF since she was 15 in Georgia. Her father bought it for her, and they restored it together. She said they, “did everything but the paintjob,” including putting the engine together.

The last and only full renovation was in 1983. When he bought it for her when she was 15, it was in fairly decent shape, but it was painted green. They originally had it painted it gray, but, when they didn’t like that, they then opted to have it painted black. As you see it now is how it has been since 1983. She has not had to restore anything since then, but makes sure to wax it. She drives it still, it’s not like it sits in a garage, but it is not her daily driver anymore. Through high school it was her daily driver. Now, she drives a Jaguar daily.

For more information about Amelia Dream Cars, visit their website, ameliadreamcars.net.