Known for their radiance and splendor diamonds are a timeless treasure. When it comes to buying diamonds, you must remember the four c’s: cut, color, clarity and carat weight.

Michael Richards, Registered Jeweler and Certified Gemologist from Underwood Jewelers, says that cut does not refer to the shape of the diamond, but instead to the proportions, symmetry and polish. He says that, “The better a diamond is cut, the more beautiful it is, and that is why cut is listed first.” Next in importance is the color. More people find diamonds that are as transparently white as possible to be the most beautiful. Clarity refers to the amount of imperfections in the diamond. Richards says that, “The majority of the grades on the clarity scale are totally invisible to the naked eye so it does not make as big a difference when it comes to a diamond’s beauty,” but those with the least imperfections are the rarer and more expensive diamonds. Carat refers to the size of the diamond. Richards says most people look for one carat to two carat diamonds or larger, but it depends on the individual.

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Underwood’s most popular diamond is the round cut. Currently, the second most popular diamond is the cushion cut, which is a square diamond with rounded edges. In addition to diamond engagement rings, solitaire diamond stud earrings also enjoy long-term popularity.

Buying diamond jewelry is a way to commemorate a significant chapter of a person’s life; whether it is the beginning of a new chapter in a relationship, the success from graduating from college, or simply celebrating the
person you are buying it for. Richards says, “The most important thing for someone looking to buy a diamond is
to find a jeweler they are comfortable with and they trust.”