A timepiece is more than an instrument for measuring time. It’s a statement of function and style. Factors to consider when selecting a timepiece include quality, price, style and durability.

Left to Right:
Rolex Submariner with Date Wrist Watch: This watch might be the last watch that you will ever have to buy as they tend to last for up to a hundred years and are nearly indestructible. $8,550

Seiko Grand Sport Wrist Watch: Powered by the wearer’s movements, this popular watch includes day and month subdials so you have a calendar on your wrist. $625

Tavannes Gentlemen’s Mechanical Skeleton Watch: This watch has a unique see through stainless steel dial, sapphire crystal and leather strap. $1,375

Raymond Weil Automatic Wrist Watch: This watch, with stainless steel and rose gold, is scratch resistant and has an anti-reflective crystal. $3,450