When November arrives each year, the face of men’s health is frequently festooned with a vast array of mustaches. The seasonal ‘stache is the symbol of the Movember Foundation. Thousands of men will whip their whiskers into shape each November to raise awareness for men’s health issues, such as prostate cancer and testicular cancer. The Movember Foundation offers more than just lip service as the local chapter in Jacksonville has raised over $100,000 since its inception in 2009.

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If this is your first attempt at growing a mustache, you may have already conquered the biggest barrier: getting started. “The best advice I can give is to not give up on your mustache. For the first week or so, it’s going to look terrible and creepy, but you just have to stick with it. After you have powered through that awkward period, your mustache will start filling in and you’ll have a lot more to play with,” states Sean Collins, the founder of Movember Jax.

The shape of your face will dictate what type of mustache is most appropriate. Barbara Fisk is faced with plenty of mustaches as a barber for the Old School Barber Shop in Avondale. “For an oval face, you can grow it a little longer and for a round face I would stick with a thinner mustache,” she suggests. The thick mustache, made famous by Tom Selleck, is well-suited for a square face. Whatever style you choose, it is important to keep those rogue hairs trimmed or risk mild embarrassment, cautions Fisk.

Caring for your mustache requires a little time and effort, but is made easier with the right tools. “My personal daily routine mainly consists of trimming the rest of my face with clippers, then shaving with a razor. I’ll usually take a comb to my mustache before I head out so that it doesn’t look ragged,” states Collins. Wahl brand clippers are consistently rated the best for maintaining all types of facial hair. Mustache wax may also be needed depending on the plumage you pursue. “If you are going to need to shape it, then the mustache wax is going to be helpful,” states Fisk. The handlebar mustaches, which Fisk says are making a comeback, benefit from regular waxing. Most varieties of the wax also come with a comb, which is essential for reining your mo into place on a regular basis.

Manage your growth expectations as most men grow hair at a rate of a half inch each month. This means that you are unlikely to go from Justin Bieber to Burt Reynolds in one short month. Genetics and hormones can influence the overall thickness of your mustache too.

It has been said that a mustache makes the man, so there is no time like the present to get your ‘stache started. “I think every guy should have facial hair at some point in their life, states Collins.

This Movember, grow a mustache while helping change the face of men’s health while you are doing it.