“Have you ever heard the story behind the Grace Scarf?

The Grace Scarf is the first product that each woman entering the Rethreaded family ever creates.

Each scarf is made up of individually cut strips of t-shirt that are stretched into strands. Once stretched each strand curls eliminating all errors made in the cutting process, leaving you with a perfect strand to add to the bundle. Once bundled all the unique strands are then tied together into a beautiful scarf.

To Rethreaded, this scarf is a symbol of grace because entering the Rethreaded family is stretching. Only when we are able to give and receive grace are we able to come together as one team to make something beautiful.

Kristin Keen of Rethreaded explains here how they make the scarves:
“We take donated 100 % cotton T-shirts and cut them into about 1inch strip, then pull them tight. This creates the curl. Then they are bound together using a special knot that keeps the wrap in place through lots of washes and wears. We have developed a couple different dying methods that create different patterns when you pull the T-shirt tight, which creates beautiful, wearable art. We also make “team” Grace scarves. This allows people to become “Freedom Fans” so not only can you look cute when you support your favorite team you can also make a difference in the world. You can see the three new scarves on our website. Each one is unique based on the T-shirt and the dying method used. Right now you won’t be able to find these anywhere in stores! They are unique to Rethreaded!”