The Riverside area is known for all of its unique bars and local breweries. Kickbacks may be known for over 100 beers on tap, but The Salty Fig may soon be known for a variety of moonshine. Although the name may imply something that more closely resembles rubbing alcohol than actual liquor, moonshine is actually just a white whisky. It usually is not aged, like dark whiskey is, meaning it is easier to make.

6.	Old Smokey Cherry
Old Smokey Blackberry
Old Smokey Apple Pie
Old Smokey Original
Old Smokey Peach
Georgia Moon Corn Whiskey
Firefly Moonshine Flavors
Firefly White Lightning
Firefly Caramel
Firefly Peach
Firefly Apple Pie
Firefly Cherry
Firefly Strawberry
Midnight Moon Moonshine Flavors (From left to right: Original, Blueberry, Strawberry, Cranberry, Cherry, Blackberry)
Flagler Lightning Moonshine (brewed in Flagler County)
Buffalo Trace White Dog
Goodtime Moonshine
Prichard’s Lincoln County Lightning
Troy and Son’s Platinum
Death’s Door
The Original Moonshine
Old Smokey Tennessee Moonshine flavors

The Salty Fig, located on King Street in Riverside, has a collection of 26 different varieties of moonshine. John Stanford, Owner and general Manager of The Salty Fig, states that his favorite of these is Prichard’s Lincoln County Lighting because of Prichard’s reputation for other good liquors, such as traditional whiskey.