I’m a St. Augustine gal. We wear sandals everywhere, always stop to chat with other locals and can walk across town any time of day or night for a drink.

I know St. Augustine. But my assignment this month was for Jacksonville.

Downtown Jacksonville.

You read that right. Downtown Jacksonville. I get lost every time I drive there. It’s a big, unfamiliar place to me and basically the exact opposite of St. Augustine. What would I encounter at Dos Gatos?

I encountered great architecture. Brick walls, tin ceiling, great wallpaper and sconces – this place looks cool even before you have the first drink. The bar is inlaid and the front is padded. There are booths in the back and chairs surrounding a fireplace if you’d rather lounge.

I encountered bartenders who know their craft. Christopher didn’t mind talking me through the process of crafting my new favorite Jacksonville drink – the Sex on Wheels. Freshly squeezed lemon and sweet peach preserves are prominent but the sexy surprise is the burst of flame that finishes the Sex on Wheels with a flash.

Oils from lemon rind ignited in my own personal one flash fireworks display.

I encountered an amazing drink! Smooth to sip, it’s easy to appreciate the difference between crafted drinks and the mixed drinks churned out at lesser bars. House made sour mix, simple syrup and hand selected, small batch liquors set these cocktails apart.

I encountered a bar in downtown Jax that makes one of the coolest drinks I’ve ever had! Dos Gatos is open until 2 a.m. every single night. Manager Casey Shelton proudly stated that Dos Gatos never pulls back their menu – you can order the most involved cocktail even on their busy nights. Make a plan to go with friends and spend the evening there.

Stop in Dos Gatos after a show at the Florida Theatre and enjoy all this great bar has to offer.