In the heart of Avondale you’ll find restaurant Orsay, where the food is delicious, the staff is friendly, and time seems to slow down. Orsay is a sister restaurant to Black Sheep, which brings quality food and service to nearby Five Points. It has a great menu for all occasions, but to match the symbolism of renewal and fertility of the Spring season, try the deviled eggs, which come in four different varieties ranging in price from one to ten dollars.

Start with the lowest price egg, and order the standard “Oeuf du Diable.” This provides the base for all the other eggs, so when you try the rest of them you can pick out the variations and compare them to the rich and spicy flavors of the original. You will receive a whole egg with each order, comprised of two beautifully prepared halves.

The next egg on the line doubles the price to two dollars, and you are likely to find yourself ordering another round. These eggs are topped with crispy Eden Farms bacon coated in a sweet all natural maple syrup. This is easily one of the best, and not just because of the bacon. The salty and sweet flavors of the bacon and syrup are perfect companions to the rest of the egg. Each bite is like having an entire breakfast meal.

One price point up is the most colorful egg. It’s a great choice for anyone who loves asparagus, because it has a fresh raw stalk sprouting from the center. The asparagus flavor really comes out above almost everything, but the slight spice from the mustard in the mix also adds a pleasant crisp to the otherwise smooth and velvety textures. And let your taste buds enjoy the truffle vinaigrette soaked greens bed that the eggs are presented on.

The last egg jumps all the way up to the ten dollar level, which seems a little crazy until your server brings it to you. It arrives atop a griddled slice of baguette and topped with American sturgeon caviar. If that isn’t enough, you’ll also receive a small glass of champagne to drink with it. If you could try only one of the eggs, this is certainly the one to go for because of the sheer decadence and creativity of the culinary team. At first bite it’s an explosion of marvelous flavors, from the buttery crisp of the baguette, the slight briny flavor of the caviar and the fizzy tartness of the Brut champagne. Each ingredient stands out on its own, but all of them together are a taste of pure magnificence.

Taste deviled eggs the paleo way.

Not every expensive item on a menu is always good, but at Orsay you’ll find that every penny is going to bring you something unique and delicious. Orsay uses quality ingredients in all of its dishes, but in something as small and relatively simple as devilled eggs, the dedication to the culinary craft truly shows.


Orsay is located at

3630 Park St.

Jacksonville, FL 32205