sflogoOn the First Coast we are lucky to have lots of sun, good weather and a thriving environment. It is no wonder then that we also have a growing culture of farms throughout our area that provide us with fresh produce to make fantastic meals. Many of our local restaurants have been getting in on the accessibility, which is probably why we have some of the best local restaurants as well. One way to explore the farms in the area is on the yearly Tour de Farm that is hosted by Slow Food First Coast.

In 2011 Tour de Farm enjoyed a success of over 8,000 visits to the over 20 local farms that participated in the tour. The first was so popular that during their second Tour de Farm had over 14,200 farm visits. In 2014, they hope to have even more visits to the farms that will participate. Two new farms that will participate in 2014 will be the North Florida School of Special Education’s Berry Good Farms and University of North Florida’s Ogier Gardens. Tour de Farm allows an opportunity for people to learn about the local food systems. Many restaurants and local non-profits have been invited to help inform more people about the Slow Food process.

Slow Food First Coast’s 3rd annual Tour de Farm will occur April 13, 2014, from noon to 5 p.m. To learn more about the Slow Food movement and to plan your route for the Tour de farm, visit slowfoodfirstcoast.org or contact Slow Food First Coast at SlowFoodTourdeFarm@gmail.com or (904) 624–1532.