T-Ray’s Burger Station doesn’t have a sign and the website traysburgerstation.com is minimalist–just the address, hours of operation and an About Page that reads, “We are home to the best burgers, breakfast and seafood on Amelia Island.” So why is the place overflowing with people when we arrive at 11:20 am on a Thursday morning? It must be the powerful word of mouth advertising and the whole ‘experience’ of T-Ray’s.

Be sure to dine-in to soak up the experience. The restaurant is located in an old gas station on the corner of South 8th Street and Beech. Mismatched tables and chairs add to the well-worn charm and barely disguise the fact that you are eating in a gas station.

We both ordered the Big T Burger Combo with cheese priced at $8.75. Our burgers arrived on plastic plates sporting college team emblems. A sesame seed bun barely contained the hand-pressed beef patty and all the toppings. A large toothpick held the creation together.

The Big T Burgers were indeed gigantic. I had to cut mine in half to make it manageable. The burger was accompanied by the biggest steak fries I have ever seen. I mean one was hanging over two opposite sides of my plate.

The first bite added to the experience…what I call hot n’ juicy, cooked to perfection on a flat top by T-Ray himself! He adds a special seasoning that makes it taste amazing. I ordered mine ‘all the way’, which means ketchup, mustard, mayo, fried onions, tomatoes and pickles. That is good stuff on a sunny fall day.

T-Ray’s was an experience. One meal and you will understand why T-Ray’s was named as one of USA Today’s 51 Best Burger Joints in the US.