Moonshine has a long and occasionally glamorous connection to American drinking culture. The term itself is used to describe any high proof distilled spirit (often illicit) and comes from the act of smuggling or distilling the product by moonlight.

SaltyFig“White Lightning” reached its zenith with the passing of the 18th Amendment and the Volstead Act, leading to an increased demand for illicit alcohol and the criminal networks that provided it. When the 21st Amendment was passed in 1933legalizing alcohol consumption, demand for moonshine lapsed and the drink was relegated back to the backwoods.

Salty Fig, the chic southern gastropub of Jacksonville’s King Street District, has an impressive collection of moonshine and moonshine cocktails. Their drinks bring some of that gangster era flavor back into the modern world, without any fear of legal repercussions. This former backcountry concoction has come a long way, and now there are distilleries devoted entirely to creating new and interesting varieties of the stuff. The Salty Fig serves all of their mixers in a proper glass; their Mason jar cocktails evoke southern hospitality and comfort.

Our favored drink is their Dark Moon, which is a perfectly dangerous combination of sweet and sour flavors topped with Catdaddy Spiced Moonshine. Even though it doesn’t taste like it has been mixed with high proof spirits, it most certainly is. This cocktail is a blend of light sweet and sour tones. The agave and apple juice brings in sweet flavors that blend gloriously with the spiced flavor of the Catdaddy and lemon juice. Not one flavor overpowers the rest, and even though you can taste the moonshine you don’t get any unpleasantness.

Salty Fig runs a Moonshine Monday special, where you can indulge at lower prices and really feel like you have traveled back in time. Order one of these refreshing drinks and be transported back to the Prohibition era.