Leila Lohr is as likely to display contemporary art behind a camelback sofa upholstered with brown and white chevron as the antique Italian mirror you’d expect. In Etc., her home decor gallery, low slung mid-century modern coffee tables cozy up next to vintage French chairs in perfect harmony.

“I love things that are unique,” Leila shared with me. “I don’t want my customers to have the same things you can find anywhere.” Her passion for offering an eclectic, hand-picked collection has resulted in building custom furniture.

Leila’s goal is to uncover the beauty hidden in rough-hewn Florida woods such as pecky cypress, cedar and spalted pecan. “I shape them some, create curves, sand and finish.” She makes beauty sound effortless. These natural tops rest on salvaged and restored bases Leila falls in love with.

Smokey acrylic forms the base of a spalted pecan bench in the works. A traditional, footed cast iron base holds up a unique breakfast table.
A favorite is the cedar wood slab table on antique shoe stitcher base she recently put on display. The heavy, antique cast-iron base supports a long slab of cedar and is the perfect solution for entryway clutter- it’s too beautiful to cover with junk mail and keys!