Tim Blin knows garages. His company, Tailored Living featuring PremierGarage, helps homeowners utilize this particular space to its fullest potential by installing flooring, cabinetry and organizers. They do the same for indoor closets, pantries and laundry rooms. Recently, I sat down with Tim to get to know more about the services he offers.

Who are your clients?

My client base is very diverse. Most of our clients are families who are in desperate need of storage solutions that look attractive. However, anyone who has a garage, whether it’s a one-car garage or eight-car, is a potential client.

Explain what your company does for homeowners. 

Anyone can put some cabinets/shelves/organizers in a garage, slap a coating on the garage floor or come up with a design. My goal (for each project) is to solve the homeowner’s storage needs using quality materials, whether it’s a garage or closet, and make it look amazing. We also can take care of everything from emptying the garage, donating your items, painting the walls, providing on-site storage, installing the flooring, cabinets and organizers and then putting everything back into the space organized and labeled! I am part architect, engineer, organizer and decorator. It is not just a garage; it is another room in the house, and in many cases the front door homeowners use every day.

About how long does a typical garage take to go from a disorganized mess to a highly operational space?

Believe it or not, it generally takes five days for a complete garage makeover. The transformation can be quite dramatic. We can start on a Monday and have everything finished before the client gets home on Friday.


How did you get into the business?

I wanted to own my own business and I was looking for an innovative product and service that was not being offered. Especially in Florida, space is a premium and homeowners need storage solutions. We do not have basements and attic space is very limited in most situations. Clutter is a big problem and can be very overwhelming; the garage must have a system or plan for it to work. What impressed me most about what PremierGarage offered was how attractive it made the garage look. It not only provides the necessary storage but looks amazing.

Get inspired to transform your garage!

What’s your favorite thing about living and working on the First Coast?

The weather is a given, but I have to say the people. My family is not near, and we have amazing friends; they are my family. I’m originally from a small town in Iowa, but I went to college at Florida State University and then received my masters from the University of North Florida. I absolutely love Northeast Florida.

Is all of your work residential?

Yes. We focus on what we do best and that is enhancing the homes of Northeast Florida.

What’s next for your company?

We are going to continue the personalized service that we have built our reputation on and keep introducing new and innovative products when it comes to garages and closets. There are always ways to improve, and I will find them.