One Spark is just around the corner- and downtown is buzzing with the excitement of innovation and invention!

The Museum of Contemporary Art in downtown Jacksonville itself is an example of innovation. The old Western Union Telegraph building serves a fresh purpose as it houses the museum, Cafe Nola, the MOCA gift shop and educational spaces in the heart of downtown Jacksonville.

Reuse. Repurpose. Revitalize.

MOCA’s atrium- once a walled off courtyard- finds new life as the largest art display space in Northeast Florida and a platform for emerging artists to share their passion and talent. On April 9 at 7:45, MOCA’s Project Atrium will unveil a One Spark entry.

Mural artist Shaun Thurston is creating Project Atrium’s spring installation behind a giant curtain. While no sneak peeks are permitted in MOCA, Thurston left hints all over downtown Jacksonville- check out the crystals on North Main Street or those covering 632 West Forsyth Street.

Thurston placed fourth overall in 2013 One Spark- his Project Atrium exhibit will be the last fulfillment of his “20 Murals in a Year” promise from his 2013 prize.

Wanting to invest in more local artists, Shaun plans to donate half of any 2014 One Spark funds to support future Project Atrium artists. A vote for MOCA’s One Spark entry is a vote for the arts. See you there.