Golf anyone? If you are a golf enthusiast, or you want to enhance the entertainment value of your home, it may be time to add a putting green to your backyard. Lindy Eulenfeld, owner of Southwest Greens of Jacksonville, and his sons Aaron Eulenfeld and Bryant Eulenfeld have been building synthetic turf putting greens in backyards from Palm Coast to Myrtle Beach for almost a decade. They have even created a putting green replica of the famous No. 17 island green in THE PLAYERS Championship Stadium Village.

Five tips for successful putting

Southwest Greens can create a backyard putting green of any size and shape. Once Southwest Greens has installed your putting green, they provide a practice green flag, which can be personalized with your family crest or initials. And they service their customers once a year to freshen up the turf. They will often service PGA TOUR professionals’ putting greens between tournaments to speed up or slow down their green depending on their next tournament.

Customers can expect 12 to 15 years of life out of a putting green, with annual surfacing.


How-to Steps for Planning a Putting Green

If you are interested in constructing a putting green in your backyard, Southwest Greens of Jacksonville recommends following these steps.

1. Determine the ideal location. You will want to have easy access to the putting green from your home and “it should be in close proximity to other outdoor living amenities to compliment what you already have,” Eulenfeld says. While you are grilling out in your summer kitchen, your guests can be putting nearby.

2. Calculate the rough size of the putting green. The average putting green is about 500 square feet. Southwest Greens, however, has built putting greens as small as 200 square feet and as large as 4,000 square feet. They can make your putting green “any size, any shape.” It is all custom built.

3. Define your objective. Your objective may simply be to create something fun. If you have an aspiring golfer in your household, Southwest Greens can build attributes into your putting green to help your golfer’s growth and potential. Or if you are an experienced golfer, you may want a certain putting distance and custom undulations.

4. Set a budget. The cost to install a synthetic turf putting green is $16 to $20 per square foot depending on site conditions, access and size. The average cost of building a 500-square-foot putting green is $9,000 to $10,000.

5. Set up a home site meeting. They will confirm, preview and inspect the location, offer suggestions to tweak the location, and confirm size and budget. Eulenfeld says he will then go back to the office to come up with a design and proposal. Construction of a putting green generally takes three to four days.


The Installation Process

The construction of a putting green generally takes three to four days. Southwest Greens follows these steps to build a 500-square-foot green:

  1. Remove the sod where the green will be located.
  2. Hand place and compact an eight-ton aggregate base.
  3. Set cups where the ball is meant to drop.
  4. Install the putting surface and fringe.
  5. Distribute about 4,000 pounds of sand into the fibers of the surface, using a drop spreader and a power broom.
  6. Evenly distribute green acrylic-coated sand as a top dressing.
  7. Use a roller to compact the finished green.


Southwest Greens of Jacksonville is partnered with Nicolas Designs. They are under the umbrella of Southwest Greens International, which is a division of Shaw Flooring, a Berkshire Hathaway company. For more information, visit