Grandma’s Cough Medicine, local bluegrass extraordinaires, prepared for Jacksonville’s Second Annual One Spark, the biggest crowdfunding event in the nation, for the first time. They promoted it with street teams and social media, hoping to use the prize money to fund their third record.

“If you get the most votes in your category – ours is music – you get $10,000. I think it’s a good goal for us to try and win that. We’re trying to keep the same quality of music and production, and do it without having to lose our asses.”

He says they’ve always self-financed, never wanting to blatantly ask fans for money.

“People are already going to be buying the album when you release it. I can’t ask those same fans for the money to make that album.”

He continues. “One Spark is a great, great festival. It’s a chance to get help in making our album, but by the merits of winning the competition. It’s not asking for money, it’s earning it.”

And these southern gentleman are used to earning with their music. They support themselves with it, and support the entire local community of working musicians, with fever.

“This city is a great home for the band, and the music scene here is really thriving. How can it not be good when there’s a lot of bands here, like us, who literally don’t have another job, we just play music here in this town. We tour when we can and when it makes sense, but we’re making our own right here. And if you’re gonna complain about a town where lots of musicians can do that, then maybe you’re a part of the problem.”