High Tide

We reveal inside stories on the fun, historical, educational and inspirational locales the First Coast has to offer. Let’s dig in deep and explore the First Coast together.


High Tide Feature: Fly on the Water

| By Josué A. Cruz, Photography by Craig O’Neal |

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Bridge the Gap: Rooftop Bars

Black Sheep at Intuition Ale Works Rooftop Biergarten Intiuition Ale Works downtown location, with its huge taproom and biergarten,...  | read more |


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The Tide: Catch the Blues

  The weather is grey and misty. But that doesn’t deter Gina Kay as she sets off from a boat ramp in Yulee, the wind whipping her...  | read more |


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Salty Paws: From a Westie with Love

As a girl who grew up on a farm in Oklahoma, we never had indoor animals. Farm life meant animals stayed outside. I never envisioned that I...  | read more |