Ever an early riser – I wake up, stumble out to the kitchen and start a pot of coffee while letting out Oglethorpe, our ancient Yorkshire terrier. He is quick to do his business and waits eagerly at the door for reentry and his breakfast. I pour a big cup of coffee and top with half/half – an absolute requirement for my morning java. Then back to bed with dog, my iPad and computer.

First off I check all my email and see what is happening. Several friends are also early morning risers so we exchange notes. Then I attend to my on-line game addiction. Words With Friends. Been playing since the game first arrived on the scene. Love words and love Scrabble. Have 15 to 20 games going at any one time. Next the newspapers online; I read or peruse both USA Today and the Wall Street Journal. Then is my writing time. I write a column and articles for an island magazine. Most of my writing is done early in the morning.

One of Anderson’s four “From the Porch” books
In character - Victorian Lady - Amelia Island Museum of History.
Riding on the beach on Amelia Island with friend Jo-Ann Leimberg – photo credit:  Stephan Leimberg

Get dressed for tennis. Play nearly every day I play at either the Kraft Tennis Club on Amelia Island or take a clinic or lesson at Amelia Surf and Racquet.

Tennis – solid group of friends and also play on a team that competes in the First Coast Tennis League.

12:30 – ???
Both places I play are near the beach, so I take the time to drive over to Scott Road Access. I slip of my shoes, grab a bag in case I find treasure and head to the beach. Each day is different. The color of the water. How high the tideline is. What has washed up and who you might run into. When I walk early (non-tennis days) I love meeting everyone with their dogs.

1:00 – 2:45 PM
Quick bite to eat. Not much and on the run. A yogurt. Bowl of fruit or cereal. Then desk time. Sort out what is due and what needs to be written. Pay bills if needed. Spend time with the dog in the back yard while doing a little random weeding. Shower and change of clothes – tennis to “street” clothes.

On Tuesday I tutor nine year olds that have been identified as challenged readers needing one on one help. Each of us has one child. I work with Desiree, a elf-like, dark haired nine year old. We work on exercises together and then spend some concentrated time reading from a book that is at her level. We often finish up with group games.

Home and time with the Big Guy, my husband, who has had an equally busy day. Still operating his insurance agency even though he is long past traditional retirement age. He has had appointments and managed to fit nine holes of golf in too. We treasure our porch time – we sip on our adult beverage of choice and share the happenings of the day.

Some sort of simple supper (he prepares!) in front of TV as we watch the news. Once dinner is done we usually dial up a movie.

We laugh about making it to double digits. We are usually in bed by 10:00. That is a time we save for reading and each of us will get into our current book. Mine right now is The Gold Finch – great read – loving it.