The Winners

Gene Bednarek was born and raised in Florida, and is a Neptune Beach-based photographer and designer. He teamed with Michael Singleton to create a sketch of their idea, which was inspired by 1920’s era French movie posters.


Michael Singleton is a graphic designer with Citizens Property Insurance in Jacksonville. A Palm Coast resident, he says he and Gene Bednarek worked together on their cover design of a light bulb containing the Jacksonville city skyline. “Gene came up with the idea,” he says,” and using Gene’s original photos of the city we sat at a computer and nailed it out.”

The Runner-up (see 1000 Words pg 130)

One Spark Project No. 20814

After Linda Carr retired from a 35-year teaching career that she loved, she looked around for another enjoyable and creative outlet – and found it in painting. A science teacher, she’d never painted before, but discovered a passion for landscapes, and took lessons from several First Coast artists. That led to a project involving children’s storybooks, which she is bringing to One Spark. Carr and fellow retired Duval County teacher Libby Rammage, also an artist, collaborated in writing and illustrating three rhyming adventure stories about a courageous flamingo named Francesca. The books feature original paintings by Carr and Rammage, and the tales incorporate lessons about life, as well as fun biology facts about all the animals that Francesca meets on her sojourns.


At One Spark, Carr will have a booth at the Times-Union Performing Arts Center, and her project number is 20814. She hopes to attract publishers for the trilogy, or funding to self-publish. A collector of flamingo art and artifacts, she photographed flamingo statuettes in her backyard one day at dawn. It is featured on the One Thousand Words back page of this issue of First Coast.

The Entries: 

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