Yolanda Copeland’s Top 5 Tips to Consider for DIY Home Restoration | First Coast Magazine

In our 2017 May/June issue, we featured Yolanda Copeland’s Bungalow Restoration process in our Weekend Warrior section. Here are her top five tips that you should consider before embarking on your own home restoration journey.

1. Determine how much house you need to prevent you from embarking on a project that is too large for you to complete in a timely manner. 

2. Determine how much capital you will save by doing the project yourself. Budget for materials, equipment purchases and large equipment rental. Compactpowerrents.com is a good place to start. Savings is a real motivator. 

Copeland climbs into a Bobcat T450 skid steer from Compact Power Equipment Rental, a company that gives both contractors and DIYers the equipment necessary to take on projects both big and small

3. Check availability of federal, state and local historic preservation grants and other tax incentives before you start. 

4. Become familiar with the National Trust for Historic Preservation, city and local historical organizations. They offer a wealth of information. 

5. Create a schedule and make time! Restoration is a labor of love, and it will require your dedication and hundreds of hours of your time.

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Photography by Bruce Lipsky

Videography by Grace Ricker