Geocaching is an ongoing global treasure hunt.  About 1 million caches are hidden in America alone. This adventurous activity can bring anyone a bit of fun just by discovering places they have never been before. While the end game of writing your name on a notepad may not seem like it is the most rewarding, the search itself is the fun everyone seeks.  All you need is a GPS to get started. For your first clue go to

Hiking & Trail Running

The First Coast is home to hundreds of parks, many of which have trails winding through them. Hiking can be a good way to experience local habitats. Birds and other wildlife are found at many of these parks. So go discover them yourself. Visit


From riding your bike along the road to the rugged trails of Hanna Park, there are a number of ways you can get outside and enjoy a little speed on a nice day. Check out some ride options here:

Many of the parks on the First Coast offer biking and/or walking trails that can go for miles.
Better break out the wetsuit to get in the water, but great waves can be found during the late fall months.
Geocaching can be a fun way to get the family outdoors on a scavenger hunt.
Take advantage of the cool nights and go camping with the family or friends in a number of local and state parks.


With miles upon miles of coast, beginners and expert surfers alike can find a spot to put in a log. Jacksonville Beach is a prime destination for beginners, especially with board rentals and training sessions located near the pier. Just a beginner? Go to Don’t forget your wetsuit!


The First Coast’s plethora of inlets, Intracoastal Waterways, piers, lakes, rivers, streams and ponds give anglers plenty of places to put in a line. Want to know what fish is in season? Visit


The backwaters of the First Coast are best traversed by a canoe or kayak. Rentals are available through Kayak Amelia or other outfitters in the area. Visit for more info.

Pick-up games

Basketball, volleyball, baseball and football are some great ways to feed a competitive spirit while enjoying the outdoors. Here is a list of community centers in town for you to pick up a game:


A home garden is a great way to grow some fresh produce while getting outside. Or you could take the initiative and plant a guerilla garden in a median in your neighborhood. For a resource on guerilla gardening visit:


Get away from the hustle and bustle and pitch a tent and have a campfire in any of the local campgrounds. Go get some fresh air at


Explore the night sky and its infinite vista. Who knows? Maybe you will see a UFO. Visit to learn more about astronomy on the First Coast.