Northeast Florida is ripe with fascinating American history, but one of the most untold stories is that of the extraordinary African Americans who helped shape the heritage of our region. Click here are some key spots to explore. 

American Beach: This beach community was founded in the 1930s by African American entrepreneurs during Segregation to provide a safe place for African Americans to vacation and enjoy the beach.   It is also home to Florida’s highest sand dunes.  Located on Amelia Island on State Road A1A, this is one of the quietest and most beautiful beaches in the region.

La Villa: Catch a show at the historic Ritz Theatre and visit the museum there to learn about La Villa, once known as the Harlem of the South. Located at 828 N. Davis Street in downtown Jacksonville, not only is this an awesome music venue, but it is a fascinating piece of American history.  Check out this article to get some background.

Arlington: Norman Studios: Richard E. Norman was a revolutionary filmmaker in the 1920s who realized that African Americans were being underserved by Hollywood….so he started his own studio to solve that problem.  It launched the career of many African American actors. Check out this article to learn more.

St. Augustine: Fort Mose is a must.  The first free black colony in America, this iconic landmark holds an extraordinary past and is beautiful. There is much to learn about our nation by visiting this state park. Read more here.

There is so much more to find in our region….it is amazing. This is just the tip of the iceberg. To learn more go here.