Like any sport, fly fishing performance can be enhanced by having the best gear. We reached out to Black Fly Outfitter for some select items to make your fly fishing experience the best; hook, line and sinker.


1. Shield your hands from the sun with lightweight Solarflex SunGloves. $25.00

2. Cut conveniently with Abel nippers. $60.00


3. Stay protected from the sun with a UV Buff, $25.00, and Black Fly Outfitter Hat, $16.00.

4. The most rewarding flats involve little more than an ankle-deep stroll of an incoming tide. Stay within casting range with over-the-ankle Simms Flats Sneakers. $119.95


5. Razmataz Brown Fly This fly is perfect for hunting redfish in
dark water. $3.75

6. Foxy Clouser Fly – Lure redfish in shallow waters with this fly. $4.00

7. Waldner Spoon Fly – Stalk tailing reds in the flood tides with this fly. $14.00

8. Kwan Fly – See a spooky redfish in skinny water? Try this fly. $6.00

All gear available for purchase at Black Fly Outfitter,