Hidden away off the Intracoastal Waterway is a little gem of a harbor, nestled just between Flagler Beach and Palm Coast.  Most boaters have heard of it through word of mouth, as is the natural way of the cruising community.

“We are very protected here, and far away from the nearest inlet,” Harbormaster Neil Kaczmarek says. “The Intracoastal here is a lot quieter than it is down south, a lot more peaceful. Even on the weekends, it is just a slower pace up here and we really love it.”

The Yacht Harbor Village is no ordinary sleepy marina. It has all the fundamentals of a top-notch boaters’ marina, complete with sparkling showers, a book and movie exchange library, Wi-Fi and a beautiful community space. There is a pool that sits on the water and has a gorgeous sunset vista, and a gym for guests. But what makes this marina exceptional is that it is a part of Hammock Beach Resort.

“We are more of a destination. Bring the kids, bring the wife, bring the family use the waterslides, play golf, go to the spa and stay for the weekend,” Kaczmarek says.

It is the best of both worlds. Guests can arrive by boat, or trailer their boat in for their stay. They call into the marina, by phone or VHF radio, to make a reservation. There are a variety of options ranging from sleeping on their boat while accessing the full scope of what Hammock Beach Resort has to offer, or just using the  amenities located at the marina. If they want to dry out and play landlubber for the weekend, boaters can rent a villa at the marina or reserve a room at the resort, located less than two miles down the road.

“They will make their reservation with us, just as they would make their room reservation. We are their reservation agent, we are their bellman when they arrive, and we are their concierge,” Kaczmarek says. “We do a dockside check-in.”

He and his team are ready for you at arrival to help guide guests into their slips, hook up boats to power and water for their stay, and give a quick tour of the place. If renting an onsite villa, they will manage the luggage and check in, and if the guest chooses to stay in the hotel, they will set you up with your key and call a town car to deliver you.

“The boaters love it because it is quiet.  Most people stay on their boats. If you want more activity you can go to the resort, and return for the quiet,” says Kaczmarek.

Hammock Beach Resort boasts everything a guest would want from a luxury hotel, whether you are a couple looking for a romantic getaway or a family wanting to pack in the fun. Umbrella, chair and bar service on a beach known for it cinnamon colored sand.  A pool complex that includes a lazy river, waterslide and waterfall, just to name a few highlights, as well as quieter pool spaces for those looking to relax. A serene spa and salon with an extensive menu of massages and treatments, as well as world class golf courses. The dining options cover the whole gamut with 4 restaurants and 5 bars, including easy poolside fare for the sun drenched family, to arguably one of the best and most intimate sushi bars on the First Coast.

There is a discounted rate for boaters that stay on their boat, and just use the resort amenities. Upon check-in, they are given a card, similar to a room key, which allows them to charge to their account.

“We see the same boaters over and over again, and the repeat guests let us know that we are doing the right thing,” Kaczmarek says. “There just isn’t too many marinas out there that offer all this.” During the summer holidays, docktail parties pop up, and boaters mingle sharing stories over food and drink.

“Boaters are just a different breed. The guy who has the 100-footer and the guy with the 20-ft. runabout just get together to talk boats. I don’t know if they are just more down to earth, but I love the people,”Kaczmarek says.

Tips for a Boater Staycation at Hammock Beach Resort

• Tucked just behind the Palm Coast Parkway Bridge, the marina is in a manatee zone, so slow down.

• You can reach the harbormaster by VHF radio on channel 16 during daylight. If arriving at night, let them know and they will be waiting for you. If it is random stop, call the concierge at the hotel and they will set you up. The number for the resort is posted on each slip at the marina.

• There is no fuel service at the marina, but the Palm Coast marina has a fuel dock right across the Intracoastal Waterway.

• It is a pet friendly marina, with two dog walks.

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Boaters have a wide range of options from a quiet marina pool to the full spectrum of amenities and activities at Hammock Beach Resort.


Hammock Beach Resort boasts 4 restaurants and 5 bars that range from upscale to poolside casual.