Protests, rallies and art define this month’s Downtown Art Walk. A couple new attractions also were present Hemming Plaza.

A large group stood with MOCA Jacksonville against the City Council President Clay Yarborough’s statements about a photo in MOCA being pornographic. People wearing shirts bearing the resemblance of female breasts or the words “I stand with MOCA” shared their support for Jacksonville’s contemporary art museum. Parents also brought their children to stand in front of the picture that Yarborough said was porn.

Children sledded down a “snowy” slide into puddles on Laura Street in front of the packed MOCA. A street performer painted in metallic silver stood still until a looming victim tried to touch him, when he attempted to startle them.

A group from the internet group Anonymous protested police brutality, especially in the case of Michael Brown.

“Flat out can’t take it no more!” and “I can’t breathe” rang through the air as men and women in Guy Fawkes masks marched through Hemming Plaza toward the Landing.

A small portion of the 150-person strong production Tuba Christmas played a sample of their 20th Annual concert for December 13th.

In case you missed this month’s Art Walk, here are some pictures to hopefully inspire you to come out next month!