Northeast Florida has a rich history when it comes to car racing. So much so in fact, that it has inspired a fashion line. Working with local custom clothier company, Finn Ryan, Brumos Porsche has created “The Brumos Collection.” Available online, or at their boutique located in the Brumos Porsche dealership, (all of the Brumos dealerships have boutiques, who knew?), each item was created specifically to honor the exceptional stories of the Brumos team legacy to the racing world.

Spyder 550: A silver racecar that began its career as a factory car, the 550 Spyder is the inspiration for this shirt. The gold embroidery and placket of this shirt are a nod to the racecar’s original badging. $89

Retro Cap: Bringing it back to the old school, this iconic hat dates itself to the 1970s when the Porsche Carrera rocked the IMSA Camel GT. The mesh netting and built-in sweat band are ideal for hot weather. $25

Famous #59 Silk Tie: This custom silk tie discreetly celebrates both the history of American racing and the Famous #59 racecar with its red, white and blue color scheme, perfect for the workplace. $49

59 Stretch Fit Cap: Slick in design, and incredibly comfortable, this cap is the perfect conversation starter for those who know racing on the First Coast. $25

Retro Vest: Hurley Haywood, the First Coast’s own racing legend, lays claim to being the best endurance racing driver in history. This vest commemorates that achievement, earned behind the wheel of a #59 Brumos Porsche racecar. $109