Fernandina Beach Fire & Rescue Station No. 1

In 2013, Ocean Rescue Guard Paul Martinez designed the emblem of the fire engine at Station No. 1. The emblem includes a pirate skull, which is perhaps a nod to the rich history of piracy in Fernandina Beach. In the 17th and 18th centuries, Fernandina Beach was a haven for pirates on the Eastern Seaboard because of its deep water port.  Rather than a cross bones, the emblem also includes a fire axe and Halligan tool bar, the two historically essential tools for prying open doors in a rescue.


St. Johns County Fire Rescue Station No. 12

The first logo designed and approved for a St Johns County fire engine, the Station 12 logo was conceived by Captain Andrew O’Quinn, as a way to honor to the station that launched his career. As a rookie firefighter, he remembered one of his first fires where his station was the first crew in and the last crew out. During his time there, he noticed that Station 12 was often in that position, due to many factors including a strong work ethic, pride in the job, and at times limited staffing in the early years of St. Johns County Fire and Rescue.  The station was given the slogan, “First One in, Last One Out.” Capt. O’Quinn spoke to Chief Mike Cuzzort (then he was Captain) about his idea. Chief Cuzzort encouraged the firefighters of Station 12 to come up with a concept, and they decided a tough looking  bulldog would be a good fit as a nod to the canine inspired statuary on the roof of the station.