When you’re hungry, you want something delicious and full of flavor – and you want a lot of it.

This is the philosophy that Firehouse Subs’ co-founders Chris and Robin Sorensen, along with their Dad – Capt. Rob Sorensen (the founders’ founder) – take to heart. Considering that Firehouse Subs is the fastest growing food franchise in America with restaurants in 43 states, it’s obvious that their ideas about food appeal to a lot of people.

So how do firemen become sandwich slingers? How do they move out of the firehouse and into the cookhouse? If you’re with the Sorensens, just start talking about food and you’ll find out. If you ask them about emerging culinary trends, or sourcing the best smoked brisket, you’ll be talking for a very long time.

For Capt. Rob, a fireman to the core with no cooking experience, it was… well… trial by fire. As a young fireman, and on his first day in the firehouse, his Captain approached and said, “You’re cooking!” What started out as a questionable fried chicken dinner for 30 hungry firemen many years ago has evolved and become quite the foodservice sensation.


His sons, Chris and Robin, simply love food. They are avid followers of television chefs and are willing to try anything. They’ve learned that great meals start with great ingredients and a passion for cooking.

Robin puts it this way, “A lot of people see food as fuel. We love food.” Without missing a beat, Chris adds, “We’re fans of food. We’re foodies.”

With a family heritage that includes Denmark, the American South and Germany, the culinary experiences in the Sorensen family are quite the mashup. The result, however, is that Chris and Robin have been exposed to a wide range of foods, flavors and cooking techniques that have served them well.

Without a doubt, there is culinary prowess throughout the Sorensen family, most obvious at the many feasts prepared for holidays and family celebrations – allowing all of the cooks to step into the limelight.

Want a sandwich that fits your new year diet plan? Firehouse Subs launched a new low calorie menu. 

When the brothers find time to cook, they prefer one-pot meals and cooking on the grill. Apparently, their Corned Beef & Cabbage is a real crowd pleaser, as is their Barbecue. Capt. Rob still has a few culinary tricks up his sleeve as well. His perennial Chicken with Rice & Dumplings continues to get rave reviews.

Whether it’s a sandwich at Firehouse Subs, or a meal prepared by one of the Sorensens at home, there’s no doubt you’re in for something special.