Let’s rejoice. The vinyl revival is upon us. Records are popular again, and everyone is collecting. Whether you’re an audiophile collector-type or you just have a few vinyls scattered about your dwelling to impress houseguests with your eclectic taste, displaying records at home can get tricky at times. For preservation, the key is to keep them vertical, and always stored in a climate-controlled environment. Also, your record setup should work with your personal design aesthetic at home, as well as be accessible for listening. We asked some local record collectors to share their methods with us.

Rich Rapp
Owner of Deep Search Records


“One of the most important things about caring for vinyls is making sure all of the seams are intact, make sure of this before buying any vinyl. You always want to put them vertically, because if you stack them horizontal on top of each other, a ring will begin to wear around the album cover, and the records have a higher chance of grating against each other, causing scratches. Also keep them out of heat. Don’t keep a record in your car. Cold is fine. Heat is terrible,” he says.

Rapp’s home vinyl collection sits sandwiched between novels on a series of horizontal shelves constructed from wood and cinder blocks. The cinder blocks in Rapp’s shelving gives his setup a minimalist industrial feel, and is an easy and affordable display to build.

Jesse Brantman
Audiophile, Photographer and Musician


Local photographer and musician Jesse Brantman features his collection in a reconfigured TV stand. The stand was transformed into a record center by detaching the doors so the records could be fully displayed and easily accessed. This setup allows for one central space for his player, tuner, and his wax, which is very convenient for easy listening.