The First Coast is home to racing legend Hurley Haywood, a hall of fame racecar driver and longtime team member of the Jacksonville-based Brumos dealership. Currently, Haywood serves as the Executive Vice President of the Brumos Porsche team.

Tell us a little about your racing career.

I started racing with Peter (Gregg) in 1969, and then I went over to Vietnam in ’70. When I came back, I won back-to-back championships in ’71 and ’72. The thing that really put my name in the international spotlight is when we won Daytona and Sebring back-to-back in ’73.

I retired from full-time racing in 2009 and fully retired in 2012 after my 40th start at Daytona. I just felt that it was the time to stop; I got out relatively unscathed.

Brumos has been an important organization in town for many years. When did you first come

on board?

My first check came from Brumos Porsche in 1967, when I drove a car from Jacksonville to Tampa as a delivery. I was in college at the time. What college student would pass up an opportunity to drive a Porsche 911 across the state of Florida?

Brumos has been an integral part of my career from day one. When I cut back on racing, I got more involved with the dealerships and became a partner in the ownership.

In the 1970s we put Jacksonville in the limelight through our racing programs. From 1991 to present, we’ve been very involved in the charitable organizations in town. Our charitable footprint in Jacksonville is quite large.

What does the Amelia Island Concours d’Elegance bring to the First Coast?

When the Amelia Island concept started, and I learned it was going to benefit Hospice, I immediately got involved. I’ve been a judge there from day one. It started out relatively small, and over the years it has grown. Now, it is probably on equal footing with the Pebble Beach Concours. In many people’s view it’s actually better, because it’s more accessible and the ambience is much more friendly. It really has a remarkable reputation. They get cars from all over the world. All of the major manufacturers – Mercedes-Benz, Porsche, Ferrari, etc. – bring cars over. A good part of the price of admission goes to Hospice and other charitable organizations…so it’s just really good for everyone involved. You don’t have to be a car nut to enjoy the show. It’s an artistic display of some of the most beautiful cars in existence.