The estimated number of refugees seeking asylum that Congress will approve in 2014.


The number of refugees World Relief resettled in Jacksonville last year.


The number of days of support needed when a newcomer first settles in the US.


The number of nationwide organizations who welcome all 70,000 refugees annually. All are faith-based. “That’s the history of churches- we have a history of welcoming the stranger,” Karen Reiley shared. “It’s a natural extension of people of faith who began to help those with nowhere else to go.”

5-20 years

The amount of time the average refugee has lived in a refugee camp before being resettled

2 weeks

The amount of time a local agency is notified by the national boards before the refugee’s arrival. Volunteers prepare their apartment, welcome them at the airport and try to help them acclimate to a new life in a new country.

1 percent

Less than 1% of refugees globally get resettled in a 1st World Country, according to UNHCR.

3 hours/week

The time investment locals could make to welcome, visit and help change a refugee’s life forever


-— numbers provided by Katie Sullivan from World Relief Jacksonville