It is Tuesday during lunch hour. With my morning packed with meetings all over town, a little rest and relaxation is exactly what I need. I walk into Soluna Yoga + Spa for a brief respite from the hustle of the day. I am hit with the smell of lavender and immediately feel my stress levels drop. Darcy Webb, esthetician, is there to greet me. She leads me back into the room where she performs facials. She gently describes the process, and then exits. Quiet soothing music fills the room, and I slip out of my work clothes into a soft cotton wrap. I climb onto the heated table, and under the sheet.  The warmth of the table and I feel the ache of the work day begin to melt away.

Darcy returns and asks me if I have any skin care concerns, and I share with her that I have skin cancer and I also have redness to my complexion. She begins to slowly wipe my face, cleaning it with a Dr. Hashuka sensitive skin cleanser. The Dr. Hauschka products are extraordinarily pure. The company sustainably grows many of its own ingredients, sourcing the rest from the countries in which they grow indigenously. This spa specializes in Dr. Hauschka treatments, which is fabulous because there you know you are getting an experience without harsh chemicals or toxins. The cool wetness of the cleansing cream is relaxing and refreshing at the same time. The room is so quiet, and her motions so soft, that I feel as if I am dreaming in a way.  Everything in this treatment is done through compressing with this facial method. Darcy wraps my face with a hot towel of lavender to open my pores, and then following with a cooler compress allowing for different types of aroma therapies. Then she uses a sweet almond paste cleansing cream of healing botanicals. There is no scrubbing, but instead with this type of facial a light pressing and rolling over my skin. “Our skin is delicate on the face, and being harsh with it doesn’t help the skin over time,” coos Darcy.

She tells me that rose water would work well to reduce redness, as she mixes up a Clarifying clay mask with water and witch hazel, a natural astringent that opens the pores. She slowly applies the mask to my face along with a bees wax lip balm to sooth my lips, and eye pads infused with eye bright flower to help with inflammation. I sit with my mind drifting. I can’t believe it is the middle of the work week. In that exact moment, I felt like I had truly escaped from life even if just for a brief minute. I lost track of the treatment process due to utter peaceful surrender.

Darcy gently stretches my arms. This facial treatment is based on lymphatic stimulation, and stretching is a part of that.  By stimulating the lymphatic system, the body can better flush toxins and hormones that may contribute to skin irritation, or as Darcy puts it “Helps to enliven the skin.” She removes my mask with either a lavender or rose water Bath essence. I am so entranced with relaxation that I lost track of the process. She then dusted my face with a Silk Body Powder of sage, and lightly runs a fine brush over my face.  The sensation is not quite a tickle, more of a light tracing across my skin. After that a cool compress is applied, and Darcy gives my head and neck a gentle massage.

When the treatment is over, it was if I had just returned from a weeklong vacation that left me feeling revitalized. The stress of the rat race had lifted, and I could return to work with a sense of airy zen that would resonate the rest of the afternoon. My skin looked bright and soft. It was the perfect lunch break retreat.