Sometimes you need to make a totally fresh start in life. Kathleen McDaniel, manager of Fifi’s Fine Resale Apparel in San Marco, is an expert on starting over. We asked her to share with us her incredible story, and give our readers her list of “must haves” for a woman embarking on a new career.

“Watching a woman make a positive transformation is the greatest joy in my life,” Kathleen says in her southern accent with a genuine smile. In 2007, she and friend Jan Miller started Grace Ministries, a nonprofit organization devoted to helping women improve their lives.

It is a mission that hits close to home for Kathleen. She describes her past as complete darkness. Addicted to drugs and alcohol, at her lowest point she was arrested for attempted robbery. Her addiction controlled her life. Until one day sitting alone in a jail cell, she was given the hope she needed. “That was when God found me, and helped me to see that I was all I needed. I suddenly understood it was only my will to change that could turn my life around,” she says.

As soon as she was released from jail she got busy. After going through a 12-Step program, she partnered with the Duval County Jail and wrote letters to women inside to share her story of transformation, and began working with women in the system.

Grace Ministries focuses on helping women who are in the grips of drug addiction, alcoholism and prostitution. The message they spread is very simple – that there is always hope.

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