Judi Carney has been doing scrapbooking for 18 years. She started when she and her husband adopted two baby boys from Russia. When she moved to Ponte Vedra Beach two years ago, she was pleased to find PV Arts & Crafts, which at the time was in Jacksonville Beach. Her sons now go to Ponte Vedra High School, so she was excited to see all the papers and other supplies available at the shop with the school’s logo.

“I wanted to tell their stories, and I’m now working on their high school albums,” Carney says of her sons. “I want them to know they were loved from the beginning.”

You might call Renee Farrell a scrapbook fanatic, and she would probably agree. She has been making scrapbooks since her children were born and will give her son and daughter a set of books about their lives when they turn 18. Farrell is just one of 26 mothers of senior-class boys who play football at Ponte Vedra High School who are following in the footsteps of previous senior football moms by putting together scrapbooks for their sons. They start during preseason training, and meet once a week to discuss the content. The books are presented at a January banquet.

“Each one is different,” says Amy Harris, one of this year’s mom organizers. “We have a photographer who takes photos at games, so we use a lot of group and team photos, but each book is customized for the player.”

For those not in the know, a scrapbook is a highly decorated photo album that can include photos, newspaper clippings, awards, tickets, letters, stickers, text boxes, and other memorabilia.

Abby Carter was a football mom last year and made a scrapbook at least six inches thick for her son Joe. It included photos, newspaper clippings, text boxes, a congratulatory letter to Joe from Gov. Rick Scott, logos of the colleges that wanted to recruit him and more. She traced Joe’s football career from his freshman year to college acceptance. Carter has a degree in art education and loves paper – but says the scrapbooks are easy for anyone to do. You can design them online and order them printed, or make them the traditional way.

PV Arts & Crafts is one of the few independent First Coast stores to offer scrapbooking supplies, classes and books. The store sells basic albums, pens, glue, backgrounds, beach items, an incredible variety of stickers from clowns to animals and more. Campbell has stocked up on stickers and backgrounds with Florida colleges and local schools’ logos.

Owner Stephanie Campbell says scrapbooks have been around for hundreds of years. They started with plant-based paper and evolved from there. Today, the options are endless.

“You can make your scrapbook simple or complex,” Campbell says. “You can find your own style – people like to do their own thing.”