Kimberly Gutierrez, owner of Dancing Elephant is a woman who understands style. Kim has more than 20 years of horticulture and landscape experience. She left landscaping in search of a new career path. She decided to go back to school, thinking she may want to be a lawyer. While in school, she ran a booth at a local antique shop. When that shop suddenly closed, she went out on a limb, quit school and began the journey of opening the Dancing Elephant.

Dancing Elephant is a boutique with a unique collection of items for the home and the person. It is a blend of coastal, earthy and organic. We asked Kimberly if she would share with us her picks for timeless gifts for the home. Sometimes it can be hard navigating décor and taste when shopping for home essentials, so we thought we would ask a professional to get her opinion on items that any person with a sense of style and an eye for design would enjoy.


Stylish Apron: Perfect for the home cook, a colorful apron is a great choice. Mini-bib apron 100% Linen. $74

Beautiful Candle: Candles make great gifts for those acquaintances you are just getting to know. Capri Blue Scent Volcano. $39.50

Decorative Pillow: Choose a simple design and easy color scheme that will speak to any home décor. Snake Pillow $98.

Terrarium: A throwback to the Victorian-era, terrariums are a lovely gift that add life to any room. The mini-ecosystems are easy to care for, and one of the hottest design trends today. $148.00

Tea Towels: Whether to set out while entertaining, or to use in the kitchen, tea towels are a gift that is both useful and timeless. 100% Linen. Set of two: $32.


If you want to see the eclectic collection at Dancing Elephant,

or are in need of design services swing on by.

510 Shetter Avenue, Jacksonville Beach, FL 32250