We asked Angie Orth and Sabeen Perwaiz to share with us their best and worst travel stories from a lifetime of adventures. They had to answer on the fly, and it was virtually impossible for both adventurers to choose a definitive best or worst. But they did have a few to share that were definitely unforgettable.



Angie Orth: I got drugged in Mexico. We were in Cancun on the strip. I was with a friend, eating at a really fancy restaurant. We were not drinking. I am pretty sure they drugged us with GHB in our chimichurri sauce in order to steal from us. My friend blacked out, and he hit the deck and then came to and was sweating. Then I blacked out.  There were no servers around the restaurant. I think they thought we would both go down at the same time, so they could rob us. You hear about people getting drugged partying, but we were in a fine dining restaurant behaving ourselves. It should have been safe.

Sabeen Perwaiz: My best friend and I went to England and went to catch a train to Paris for Christmas. We decided to couch surf (which usually works great), but this person we booked with completely abandoned us. They didn’t answer their door, or phone. There was nothing available because of the holiday, no cabs, and tube was going to stop running. We ended up going to the train station where our train was going to leave at 5 am. There was 2 dozen other travelers there stranded. We hung out like homeless people.  It was winter and an open train station. Everyone was scrambling to find heat vents. We opened our luggage and layered on everything. The station didn’t want us there, and they closed all the bathrooms. It was an experience that taught me what not to do, but it made a great story.



Angie Orth: I went to Egypt after the revolution. I took a tour, and it was amazing. We saw the sunrise every morning and stayed up late. We traveled the Nile, and saw the pyramids. The people on my tour were great.  There wasn’t as many tourists there, and I actually got nostalgic during the trip because it was so wonderful. It was my earliest bucket list item.

Sabeen Perwaiz: Myanmar was like a fairytale. I never expected to go there.  I went with my roommate when we were living in Cambodia, and it was just so beautiful. There are hundreds of temples everywhere, and nobody there. It was amazing to ride bikes around and the food was amazing too.