The holidays are a time for giving and here is an elegant selection of beautiful gifts to warm the home from Lindy’s Jewelry & Gifts. Since moving to its new location on Centre Street in Fernandina, this boutique jewelry store has expanded to include a wider selection of exquisite home décor. Lindy’s provides a beautifully curated shopping experience for those with an appreciation for the finer things in life.


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Himalayan Grapefruit Pine Hurricane Candle: This gorgeous candle would make a fabulous addition to your mantel this holiday season. $64


Himalayan Fleur De Lys Orange Glove Candle: This small, warm candle would make the perfect hostess gift for your next holiday party. $21


Himalayan Powder Box Candle Honeysuckle: Elegant with a lovely scent, this candle adds a touch of class to any room. $34


Malachite Trinket Box Medium: A gorgeous little treasure box perfect for adding a pop of color to any space. $112


Gogo Alpaca Flora and Guanacaste Taper Holders: Classic Gogo Ferguson, these nature-inspired taper holders are timeless by design. Flora $60, Guanacaste $50


Gogo Alpaca Seaweed Candle Holders: These Gogo Ferguson beautiful organic forms straight from the sea add a touch of contemporary coastal décor to any room. $180 Large, $140 Small